March 21, 2020



Manchester Memorial High School

1 Crusader Way

Manchester, NH

Naruto run, don’t walk, to Queen City Kamikaze, Manchester’s one-day anime-gaming-geek culture-convention.

Tons of fun events

Awesome panels

Great local vendors

Queen City Kamikaze 2020

We’re back once again to throw a bunch of stuff in your face. Happening March 21, 2020 at Manchester Memorial High School from 10am to 7pm and costing you a mere 10 dollhairs. You know you want to.

What goes on at QCK?

Take a peek at all the events happening at QCK 2020. From video games to card gaming tournaments, gameshows to cosplay.

What is Queen City Kamikaze?

Get the info you need to tell your boss why you’re taking the day off.

Want to sell your wares at QCK?

Are you a shopkeep looking to sell your wares to the locals or an artist trying to show off your talent? Signup below.

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